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Your contribution makes it possible for us to find or create jobs for people with disabilities and ensure success in their employment while building important social and life skills in a community oriented environment.


Pronounced: a-NEW-way

Our Why

We believe people with disabilities can meaningfully participate in society including opportunities for successful employment in an integrated work environment.

We exist to create employment, which also enables social opportunities and coordinated programming for people with disabilities in small business environments. 

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Our Story

People often come into Game on State and ask WHY we opened an arcade and candy store in Media. While a family-oriented business was certainly needed in our community, it was our personal journey as parents of a child who was struggling to find his footing in life that guided us.


“Throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping that something will stick” was a term we heard from one of multiple therapists. It turned out to be the perfect analogy for our family. While we wished that a straighter, easier path would be forged for our child, we soon discovered that we were not alone in our parenting struggles. 


Finding suitable employment for a person with disabilities is not easy.  It is an often overlooked gap in society.  We eventually learned that customized and supported employment could be utilized to help our own child to simultaneously achieve both success and independence. 


Soon after Game On State opened in October 2021 we learned that we were not alone. While we deliberately hired people with disabilities and created an integrated employment model, it quickly became apparent that the number of people with disabilities in need of employment was far greater than we ever anticipated.  The number of families that have reached out to us has made it apparent that more jobs are needed.


We, therefore, have made it our mission to create integrated employment and social programming for people with disabilities in small business environments.  The creation of ANEWAY is the next step as we seek to initiate change in a new way.  It may have started with our family but the future can be so much more.  We need your assistance in expanding our program so that we may provide more opportunities. Your contribution, no matter its size, will assist us in reaching our goal. 

– Aimee & Eric Rubin, Founders

Spencer's Story

Unless you have a child or family member or friend with a disability or special needs, it is easy to overlook the real value of what Game On State and ANEWAY truly mean.  Common questions parents face, such as will my child choose the right college, meet the right girl, get a good job and be a success are replaced with will my son be accepted by the world or find a friend.  Will my child be understood.  Thoughts of the future are replaced by managing and living day to day.


Perhaps it was never their original intention, but ANEWAY and Game On State have laid the groundwork for something truly remarkable and amazing.  For just one moment, imagine a workplace environment that provides a community of acceptance and a sense of belonging for everyone, where no job is too small and where your differences are not only celebrated but are fundamental.


My son was born to be a performer.  His love of Broadway and music is his expression.  At Game On State he is a resident DJ and leads Karaoke Night every Thursday.


It’s easy to overlook a group of people.  We lead busy and complicated lives, careers, politics and managing the necessities of daily living.  But for some, life is simpler.  For some, life is about growing day by day and finding true friends, sometimes one song at a time.” 

- Sharlee & Jeff Casnoff, Spencer's parents

Jake's Story

“Our son Jacob 16 yrs old is like most teenagers. He has a twin sister and she has a side business working at home parties. Jacob wants to go out and find a job and make money like all teenagers. But life is harder when you are a teenager with intellectual disabilities. As a parent we’ve seen him struggle from birth to present. We’ve seen the highs and lows and how society can be supportive and cruel at the same time. 


We’ve found traditional jobs weren’t as open when you share with them your different abilities. That is until we found ANEWAY with Game on State. I met with Aimee Rubin owner of Game on State. I shared with her my struggles as a mom of a teenager who has different abilities. She shared how she started ANEWAY at GOS for her son and our community of people of all abilities. 


Jacob started at GOS over the summer and let me share with you he’s been so happy. He works each Sunday with peers who welcome him in with open arms. They encourage him to do his best and give him tasks he’s able to complete on his own. After his shift he shares with us what’s happened at work and how he’s proud of himself for doing a good job. Jacob also loves getting a paycheck every two weeks and finally making money like his sister. 


Without ANEWAY we would’ve been still struggling to find a job for Jacob. I know your donations are keeping my child and others in our community filled with a purpose and put a smile on their face each week.” 

- Jake's parents


Aimee Rubin, M.Ed.
Joel Bernstein
Lawrence W. Brown, MD
Sharlee Casnoff
Eleanor DiMarino-Linnen, PhD
Alan M. Friedman, MA
Tiffany L. Orrin, Ed.D.
Rachael Schwartz
Brynne Bruno
Doug Fischer
Brian Hogan
Alan E. Casnoff, Esq.

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Aimee Rubin M.Ed.

Aimee Rubin is the proud owner of Game on State, which will be two years old October 30th. She loves bringing the community together and focusing on what individuals CAN do in a SWEET way. Prior to opening her first REAL business, Aimee did extensive research through her volunteer work in concessions at the many shows in which her children were involved and as the maid of honor at Rachael’s wedding where her only job was to purchase enough candy at
Wegmans to keep the bridal party happy. When not at Game on State, working on Game on State, or thinking about Game on State, Aimee can be found collaborating with Eric, her talented husband who is part radiologist and part video game fixer. She is also a proud mother to Andrew, Will, Natalie and Louie, the best dog in the world.

Lawrence W. Brown, MD

Lawrence W. Brown, MD is emeritus Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and the Perelman School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania. He is past president of the Child Neurology Foundation and founding chairman of its medical transition initiative to develop tools for successful transition to adulthood. He is senior author on its consensus statement published in Neurology with endorsements by the American Academy of Neurology (AAN), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the American Epilepsy Society (AES) and Child Neurology Society (CNS). He was until recently co-principal investigator of an epilepsy education and transition project funded by the Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) in collaboration with the AAP as well as principal investigator of an NIMH collaborative grant on the genetics of Tourette syndrome.

Sharlee Casnoff

My name is Sharlee Casnoff, I am currently working part time at Friends Central School, running their school store and doing all the buying and merchandising I graduated with a degree in Fashion merchandising, from Philadelphia Textile (now Jefferson University) and a Masters in Elementary Education from St. Joseph’s university. Before working at Friends Central, I was home with my two kids. My husband Jeff and I have two Young Adults, my son is 19 and my daughter is 17. I love spending time with my family, watching my daughter play sports and seeing shows with my son.

Alan Friedman, M.A.

Alan Friedman, M.A., is a trailblazer in healthcare leadership and professional development. He is the Founder and CEO of J3P Health. Drawing from his expansive experience, Alan is recognized as a distinguished advisor and coach to top-tier physicians, nurses, medical schools, healthcare systems, professional societies, and medical groups worldwide. His insights have been instrumental across the healthcare landscape, spanning countries from the United States to Australia. 

Under Alan’s astute leadership, J3P Healthcare Solutions has emerged as the paragon of professional development for globally renowned healthcare entities. The firm’s commitment to merging people-centric strategies with organizational needs has heralded a novel approach, making J3P Healthcare Solutions the gold standard in the healthcare leadership domain. Their unique methodology is rooted in data-driven decisions, and the advisory has been featured in prominent peer-reviewed journals and a Harvard Business School case. 

Alan’s personal journey, marked by his daughter’s intricate medical requirements, drove him to champion the pivotal role of emotional intelligence in healthcare. This personal touch, combined with a deep understanding of clinical competence, informs J3P Healthcare Solutions’ transformative programs tailored for healthcare professionals. 

Having completed an M.A. in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University, Alan also possesses a Certificate in Management Practices from New York University and a B.S. in Consumer Affairs from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. His credentials further extend to a Columbia Business School Coaching Intensive Certification and certifications as a Master Trainer for diverse assessment tools. 

Currently, Alan contributes as an Associate Editor for the American Journal of Medical Quality (AJMQ) and holds a position as an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s Master in Medical Management program. A firm advocate of continuous learning, Alan has recently completed the Executive Program for Growing Businesses at Stanford Business School.

Alan seamlessly bridges the gap between clinical understanding and organizational strategy, creating a symbiotic environment that benefits patients, healthcare professionals, and organizational leaders alike. Through his unyielding commitment to J3P Healthcare Solutions’ mission, he shapes the future of healthcare leadership one person at a time.

Rachael Schwartz

Im Rachael Schwartz. My biggest achievement is that I was Aimees Maid of Honor and college best friend. Beyond that, I live in Louisville KY with my husband Brian and 14 and 17 year old teen boys. I am a business and strategy executive executive. I work at GE Appliances where I am responsible for the wall oven and cooktops business under the GE, Profile, Cafe, and Monogram brands. Prior to GE Appliances, I led strategy for Bose consumer electronics in Boston, led product management for Keurig, and was a strategy consultant. I have a BA and MBA from Penn (Wharton). Outside of work I like reading, playing board games, doing crafts, travel, and hanging out with my family. My other non-profit work includes National Council of Jewish Women (involved with Reproductive Rights advocacy in Kentucky), on the Board of our local High School for Jewish Studies, and being on the organizing committee for the Jewish Family and Career Services annual fundraising dinner to support refugees and immigrants.

Brynne Bruno

Brynne Bruno is a graduate of the Cornell Hotel School (’93). With a rich career in the hotel industry, her expertise as a hospitality professional and event planner has left an Im mark in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. She is a mother to a 17 year old young lady with Down Syndrome and employee of Game on State. She brings knowledge and perspective to the needs of young adults with special needs and their families who champion them.

Doug Fischer

ATF – Human Factors Engineer Program Manager – Neurodiversity at Work

Doug is an Associate Technical Fellow Human Factors Engineer. 

He received an MA in Human Factors Engineering from University of Dayton in 1994 and has worked in Boeing vertical lift and fixed wing platforms for 27 years. 


Doug is responsible for developing the human system interfaces for a variety of Boeing platforms, specializing in controls, displays, information management, and Extended Reality.   He received a patent for Reduced Visibility Landing Symbology, implemented on MV-22, CV-22, and CMV-22.




Doug is also the founder of Boeing Neurodiversity at Work and  BEAAA Enterprise Treasurer.  In this capacity, he strives to enhance the diversity of the employee workforce, increase the accessibility of jobs for the individuals with autism, and create an inclusive and equitable workplace.  




Doug and his wife, Mo, have been married for 29 years.  He loves outdoors and fitness.  He is a Certified Kettlebell Instructor at the Springfield YMCA and a loyal Philadelphia Eagles fan!

Brian Hogan

Brian has 20+ years of Pharmaceutical/Biotech industry experience within Commercial Operations, including pricing and discounting of drugs for patient access and managing government contracts for Medicaid/Medicare compliance.  He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University and MBA from the Columbia Business School. 


After recently retiring from his corporate role, he has chosen to get involved with non-profit organizations in the Delaware County region.  He is currently a Board Member of Senior Community Services and involved with the Aging at Home and PA MEDI programs.


He was born and raised in Wilmington, DE and currently lives in Swarthmore, PA with his wife Janice of 30 years.  They have a daughter in San Diego, CA and son in Philadelphia, PA.  His interests include traveling, sports, and music.